Core Drilling

Concrete coring or drilling involves the cutting of exact holes through concrete walls, floors, and other structures. With more than 30 years’ experience, our workers have the skill and experience to handle even the most complex core drilling jobs across New England.

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Slab Sawing and
Wall Sawing

Slab Sawing and Wall Sawing are two methods of Diamond Sawing that can be utilized to remove damaged areas of pavement or concrete. Typical applications range from residential foundations and slabs, commercial building renovations and separation cuts for large scale demolition, as well as roadway and bridge repairs. At Aaxiom, we can handle all of your residential and commercial sawing jobs.

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Diamond Sawing and Robotic Brokk Demolition provide great results for all your specialized demolition needs. With our specialized Hydraulic and Electric Hydraulic equipment, we have the capability and expertise to work in any environment. Located in West Bridgewater, MA., Aaxiom will provide expert service for all your concrete sawing and demolition needs.

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Welcome to Aaxiom Concrete Sawing LLC.

Greater Boston’s concrete sawing and demolition experts

What We Do

Aaxiom Concrete Sawing LLC.

Based in West Bridgewater, MA, we provide expert concrete sawing, core drilling, and demolition throughout Greater Boston and all of New England. At Aaxiom Concrete Sawing, we stand behind all of our worksmanship and service. Call today for a free estimate on your next concrete service and see what Aaxiom can do for you.

Our Skills

From the bidding stage to project completion, our experts have the knowledge and professionalism to handle all your concrete sawing and drilling jobs quickly and efficiently.

Here are Just a Few of Our Trusted Services Throughout New England:

  • Concrete Removal
  • Specialized Demolition
  • Asphalt Sawing
  • Core Drilling
  • Slab Sawing
  • Wall and Wire Sawing